An Authorized Shell Priority Distributor

Chop Kiat Siang  is one of three licensed companies that provides bunkering services in Miri, and we supply only the finest diesel fuels and Lubricants from Shell. We cater for Offshore Oils & Gas Support Vessels and Fishing Boats.

Our Bunkering services includes the supply of

Bunkering Services

CKS serves the bunkering needs of all sectors of the Marine vessels, government vessels and fishing fleet.

CKS is a proven supplier of marine Diesel fuels and Lubricants from Shell.  Expect our service, operation and sales departments to serve customer fueling needs. Our work begins before fueling any vessel by guaranteeing our customers the most competitive fuel prices. Our up to the minute monitoring of the oil market enables our customers to take advantage of market pricing almost immediately, As we monitor prices, we also monitor quality assurance.

Our credential speaks for itself.