Marine Sector

Main Engines - Low speed

Shell Alexia 50  - Cylinder oil for Crosshead Diesel Engine

Shell Melina S  - System oil, Low Speed Crankcase & Piston Cooling System



Shell Gadus S2 V 220  - Multipurpose greases

Shell Gadus S1 OG 200  - Open gear & Wire rope grease


Auxiliary Engines - Medium speed

Shell Argina   - for use with Residual fuels

Shell Gadinia  - for use with Distillate fuels

Auxiliary Engines – High  speed

Shell Sirius X  - High Speed Diesel Engine Oil using distillate Fuels

Hydraulic Systems

Tellus S2 M  - Hydraulic oil

Tellus S2 V   - Wide temperature range hydraulic oil


Compressors – Air

Shell Corena S2 P   - For Reciprocating compressors

Shell Corena S3 R   - For Rotary screw compressors

Compressor - Fridge

Shell Refrigeration S2 FR-A   - For use with non HFC gases

Shell Refrigeration S4 FR-F   - For use with HFC gases



Shell Morlina S2   - For Circulating, Bearing and Splash Lubricated System



Shell Melina S   - System oil

Shell supplies a comprehensive range of marine lubricants portfolio, which includes high-performance diesel-engine cylinder oils, trunk-piston engine oils, environmentally sensitive lubricants and specialist greases.