Power Sector

Stationary Power Engine Oils

Shell Argina

Shell Gadinia

Shell Mysella

Turbine Oils

Shell Turbo T

Shell Turbo GT

Electrical Oils

Shell Diala

Gear Oils

Shell Omala S2 G

Shell Omala S4 GX


Shell Gadus S2 V100

Shell Gadus S2 V220

Shell Gadus S3 V220 C

Shell Gadus S2 V220AC

Shell Gadus S2 V220AD

Shell Gadus S3 V460D

Shell Gadus S5 T100

Hydraulic Oils

Shell Tellus S2 M

Shell Tellus S2 V

Shell Tellus S3 M

Shell Tellus S3 V

Shell Tellus S4 ME

Shell Tellus S4 VX

Heavy Duty Engine Oils

Shell Rimula R2 Extra

Shell Rimula R3 X

Shell Rimula R4

Shell Rimula R6

Poor lubricants and lubrication practices can mean equipment downtime. At Shell we understand that you are constantly striving to improve efficiency and operational reliability, and enhance competitiveness by avoiding lost output and maintenance costs.

Whether you want to reduce power-engine maintenance time with extended-life oils, improve efficiency to increase combined-cycle turbine output or increase the reliability of remote wind turbines, we have a wide range of lubricants designed to meet your needs.